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Libro ebook The Forex Mindset: The Skills and Winning Attitude You Need for More Profitable Forex Trading, Jared Martinez,
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Jared Martinez traded the forex market for a decade through the 1980s and 90s before he discovered that successful trading requires 10 percent skill and 90 percent emotional intelligence. He founded the Market Traders Institute on that underlying principle, and now MTI is the most established leader in forex education worldwide.

Jared is known as FXCHIEF in the industry, and now, in The Forex Mindset, he shares his secrets with you.

Leadership experts and corporate executives are just waking up to what the FXCHIEF has known for more than 15 years emotional intelligence matters. With The Forex Mindset, you get up close and personal with greed and fear, the two leading forces in the market. Everyone gets in for greed, but without a healthy understanding of fear, you may be in for one of the worst journeys of your life. This performance-oriented guidebook features a potent synthesis of psychology and strategy that will exponentially increase your ability to acquire wealth as a trader.

Even veteran traders with bulletproof trading strategies are doomed to fail if they don t know themselves. The Forex Mindset prepares you to be a successful trader by helping you identify your unique psychological strengths and weaknesses and how you naturally behave in times of financial crisis. With a newfound understanding of yourself, you can use this book to map out your own path to wealth by:

  • Delving into human nature and market behavior
  • Learning how to improve your emotional intelligence
  • Doing what top traders do to control their emotions in trades and in times of crisis
  • Implementing authoritative strategies for effective thinking in a state of fear

If you want to make a living from trading forex, apply the lessons in The Forex Mindset and you re already 90 percent there!

Introduction; Chapter 1: Introduction to the Forex; Chapter 2: Greed and Fear Control the Market; Chapter 3: Get Involved with Something that Excites You; Chapter 4: Find a Mentor in Your Life; Chapter 5: Achieving Excellence at Trading;6. How Your Life s Belief System Works Chapter 7: The Importance of Change; Chapter 8: Create a New Personal Constitution; Chapter 9: Emotional Intelligence; Chapter 10: Dealing with Life s Frustrations as You Trade; Chapter 11: Dealing with Anger; Chapter 12: Change Your Attitude, Change Your Trading Results; Chapter 13: Trading with Patience and Not Succumbing to Temptation; Chapter 14: Learning to Trade with Courage and Confidence; Chapter 15: Protect Yourself at All Times; Chapter 16: Persist Until You Succeed
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