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Libro ebook Mike Meyers' CompTIA Network+ Certification Passport, Third Edition, Glen  Clarke,, Michael Meyers,
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From the #1 Name in Professional Certification

Get on the fast track to becoming CompTIA Network+ certified with this affordable, portable study tool. Inside, networking expert Glen Clarke guides you on your career path, providing expert tips and sound advice along the way. With an intensive focus on only what you need to know to pass the CompTIA Network+ exam, this certification passport is your ticket to success on exam day.


  • Itineraries--List of official exam objectives covered
  • ETAs--Amount of time needed to complete each lesson
  • Travel Advisories--Expert advice on critical topics
  • Local Lingo--Concise definitions of key terms and concepts
  • Travel Assistance--Recommended resources for more information
  • Exam Tips--Common exam pitfalls and solutions
  • Checkpoints--End-of-chapter questions, answers, and explanations
  • Career Flight Path--Career options mapped out to maximize the return from your IT journey
Chapter 1. Network Fundamentals
Chapter 2. Network Media
Chapter 3. Network Topologies and Standards
Chapter 4. Network Hardware
Chapter 5. Protocols and Protocol Suites
Chapter 6. TCP/IP
Chapter 7. Wide Area Networking
Chapter 8. Remote Access
Chapter 9. Network Security
Chapter 10. The Complete Network
Chapter 11. Troubleshooting Basics
Chapter 12. Configuring and Troubleshooting Hardware and Software
Appendix A: About the CD
Appendix B: Career Flight Path
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