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Libro ebook Libros de Educativa Chess I, Félix Nieto
Author: Félix Nieto
Publisher: Academia Félix
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Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2018
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Chess has always been fashionable. In spite of that, it is nowadays when it is finally being introduced in schools and it is becoming part of the timetable of students of all ages. Thus, the great benefits of chess such as improvement of attention, memory, decision making, responsibility and so on... can be seen not only in other subjects but also in the students´ own life. Educative Chess is a new project that propose the use of chess a a fundamental tool in the development and attainment of the different curricular objectives of the students. The first volumen, "First Steps", lays out a full introduction of chess in a slow and fun way. The book contains a lot of cross-curricular exercises that can be easily guided by the tutor, offering plenty of possibilities for the development of each activity. The recommended age is from 4-7 years old. As experienced teachers and chess instructors, we have the absolute certainty that the present educational project is a solid and versatile tool with great benefits for everyone. Furthermore, we also have the publication: "Ajedrez Curricular. Cuaderno de Prácticas I", highly recommended for more advanced levels.
Introduction. Chess Story. Chess Fun. Lesson 1: The Chessboard. Lesson 2: The Pieces. Lesson 3: The Position. Lesson 4: The move. Pastimes.
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